How to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings and E-commerce Sales at the Same Time

How to Rank

If there are two things that keep the owners of online stores up at night, they would be the twin questions of how to attract more buyers to their e-commerce sites, and how to convert higher percentages of them into customers. Given that each of these represents such a huge challenge, wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to accomplish both at the same time?

As it turns out, there is. By adding your own unique, custom product descriptions – rather than those provided by the manufacturer – you can actually draw in more visitors than ever before and do wonders for your conversion ratios.

Here’s why it works: Google and the other major search engines will reward you for not having what they consider to be “duplicate content” on your website. Although they realize that there are legitimate uses for you to have copied text and descriptions (such as general product descriptions), they effectively “screen out” that content in their listings. By writing your own, however, you gain unique content around valuable keywords, something that most of your competitors aren’t likely to have. And so, unique product descriptions can actually help you gain traffic quickly.

The second reason writing your own product descriptions is important is because it allows you to tailor them specifically to your audience. Rather than simply passing on what the manufacturer wants people to know, you can highlight the key details that matter most to your specific audience. That, in turn, helps increase your conversion ratios and turn more shoppers into customers.

Here are a handful of tips for profiting from your own custom product descriptions on an e-commerce site:

Focus on your buyers. Tell them about the features and benefits they care about, and don’t worry about the generic details that other sites are listing.

Update your product descriptions frequently. If what you’re selling changes, or has a new model number, then add a new page to your e-commerce site. It keeps you up to date, and allows you to rank highly for new keywords very quickly.

Write reviews and invite feedback. You don’t have to stop with simply “getting the facts.” If you have solid recommendations to make for your buyers, go ahead and share them. They’ll appreciate the insight, and you’ll have even more content for your e-commerce site.

Link to your reviews from your social profiles. To get the most mileage out of your unique content, make sure it’s easy to find, especially from your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Protect your product descriptions. Using tools like CopyScape can help you ensure that other sites aren’t taking your unique product descriptions or reviews and using them to improve their own search engine position – or negate your own.

Now more than ever, having custom content is an important part of marketing your online store or e-commerce site. Writing your own product descriptions and e-commerce reviews takes a lot of time and effort, but that’s exactly why most of your competitors don’t do it – and why it works so well.