How To Change A Flat Tire

how to change a car tire
how to change a car tire

When you have vehicle you should expect that anything can happen to the vehicle at any time. You can have an engine problem, you can have an electrical problem and most commonly and most occasionally you can have problem of flat tire. You can have this problem at any lonely and far location where no one can help you. So to save yourself and your family from stress and danger, you must know how to change a flat tire.

There are some basic tools which should be in your vehicle every time:
1. Jack
2. Lug wrench
3. Fully inflated spare tire
4. Vehicle owner’s manual

It is mandatory for you to check the tool kit of your car so that if anything is missing can be purchased or managed. You should assure that these tools are working and the spare tire has recommended PSI. Before going to long trip or with family, you should especially check spare tire pressure. There are some other additional accessories you should keep in your vehicle these will help you in unexpected circumstances. Like Rain coat, torch light, wheel wedges, gloves, a small wood piece etc. For example at a barren road, a torch light will help you. In case of rain, a rain coat will help you.

How to change flat tires?

While at road, when you understand you have flat tire, do not panic, slowly reduce the speed and try to park at safe location. A leveled and visible area is much better.

1. Turn on parking/ Hazard lights
As soon as you realize that you have flat tire, turn on the parking or hazard lights so that other drivers can know the emergency situation.

2. Wheel wedges/ Parking brake
When you stop, apply parking brake or wheel wedges so that your car may not move ahead.

3. Remove hub/ wheel cover
If your nuts are covered with wheel cover, remove this cover before putting jack so that it can be removed easily. This cover can be removed with wrench or screw drive.

4. Loosen the lug nuts
After removing wheel cover, lose the wheel nuts by moving wrench counterclockwise. Use your body weight or feet to put force on nuts but do not remove them completely.

5. Place the Jack
Usually vehicles have place alongside of tire frame to put the jack but some vehicles have some specific places where jack can be placed. Manual of the vehicle can guide better for jack placement. After placing the jack, gently move the vehicle upwards. Put a small wooden piece under the jack if there is asphalt road. Do not put any part of your body under vehicle after jacking.

6. Replace the flat tire
Now unscrew the wheel nuts completely. Check the condition and pressure of spare tire and replace the flat tire with spare tire by putting it on four wheel bolts. Slightly tight the nuts but do not tighten the nuts on jack.

7. Remove the jack
Remove the jack slowly. Now tighten the nuts by body force. Tighten the nuts in 1-4 and 2-3 pattern. Put the wheel cup and collect your accessories. Get repair your tire from tire shop as soon as possible.

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