How to Help Your Dog’s Joints Last Longer


Dogs are not only pets for us but they are more like a member of the family. So any suffering of the family member is a cause of concern for us. Inflammation of joints is best described as arthritis. Dogs even suffer from this problem other than human beings. This usually causes stiffness of joints and thus reduces the working capacity of the joints. This is accompanied by pain which sometimes become unbearable. Like human beings dogs are also advised to undergo exercises.

Normally dogs need to make arrangements for their food and resources all by themselves. Thus they are always busy in several kinds of activities that allow them to stay fit. But things are different for the pet dogs. They have less scopes of work. They are being best delivered with all sorts of comforts and food in time. This results in lack of activities of their joints. Again this leads to joint pain that is the symptom of arthritis. In cases of humans they have the ability to speak and so they will be able to narrate their problems. But things are different for dogs. Quite few common symptoms that are marked in the nature of dog and their activities as they are being detected with arthritis are as follows:

  • Stiffness observed immediately after waking up
  • Non-reluctance towards running, jumping or going upstairs
  • Lameness
  • Less participation in the activities like games and playing or while going out for a walk
  • Having difficulty while standing up or sitting
  • As they lick specific joints
  • Feeling pain in particular joint areas
  • Sudden behavioral changes
  • Spending more hours sleeping than the usual time
  • Restlessness

You need to be empathetic towards your dogs and feel their pain. It is impossible for them to express their problems in right words. Thus it is the duty of the humans to understand them properly and also find out solutions for them so that they feel relieved. First you need to consult a veterinary surgeon to become assure about the diagnosis of the disease. Right detection will lead to correct treatment procedure that will help to curb the pain and improve the condition invariably. Doctors prescribe your dogs with certain courses of medicines that are essential to be followed as per the directions. These medicines re also kinds of pain killers that will give relieve to your doggie from the unbearable joint pains.

Next you can make arrangements of some massage and physical therapy processes. Ice packs can also give them instant relief from the joint pains. Let your dog involved in more and more activity sessions. Exercises can be a great course of treatment.  Getting you doggie on a dog treadmill can help too gradually get rid of the stiffness of the joints. You can also take your dogs out for long walks. Also try to maintain the normal weight of your dog. Never let them gain unnecessary weight that may express pain in their joints. Make sure about the facts that the swelled joints do not experience extra force and pressure. All these will help them to fight back joint pains and stay fit.