How to keep an attic cool during summer

Summers completely heats up the attic and the temperature can really increase inside the attic making it very hot. Your electricity bills soar high during this season. The attic forms biggest source of heat in our home making our homes warmer. The temperature in the attic can also reach around 12 to 140 degrees. How to keep an attic cool during summer? Insulation will only help in preventing the attic heat transfer into your homes. Check out these cool ideas which will make your attic the perfect cool place to relax during summer.
1. Attic fan: An attic fan helps to draw the air into the attic. They reduce the temperature of the trapped warm air in the attic. They do cool the attic. Once the attic cooled the rest of your house will automatically become cool.
2. Room fans: They provide the perfect cooling effect by moving the air. This causes the moisture on the skin to evaporate and make you feel comfortable and cool. To maximize the air circulation position them appropriately to keep your attic cool.
3. Radiant barrier: A radiant barrier is a good option to keep your attic cool during summer. This will considerably save money on your air conditioning energy bill. You want a licensed professional like Cool Air Conditioning Repair in Las Vegas, NV to install the barrier. It is a coating material which is sprayed to reduce the intensity of heat on the underside of the roof of the house. It thereby reduces the radiated heat in the attic and helps to keep it cool with UL 181 which is a metal tape or mastic sealant. Also seal the connection between the ceilings, walls, floors and also the cooling registers and vent. NV Energy recommendes to have a minimum of an R-30 – R-38 insulation in the attic and R19 insulation in the sub-floor.

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4. Seal duct seams: To avoid the cool air from escaping as a result of faulty and leaky connections it is best to seal all the ducts in the attics and other spaces
5. Static vent: A static vent is one which necessitates the free flow of air both inside the attic as well as out of it. You need to install it before the advent of the summer season. This will ensure that the attic remains cool and is never hot.
6. Electric ventilator: The attic is that part of the house which does not receive consistent flow of air. It is best suggested that install an electric ventilator which will help the air to keep flowing uninterrupted. This will thereby make your attic absolutely comfortable in a short period of time.
7. Ridge vents: Investing in ridge vents is a very good option to beat the heat in the attic during the summer. The ridge vents are placed on the peak of the roof angles of the house. They are very efficient in letting the warm air to filter out of the house. The ridge vents can help to lower the temperature of the attic perfectly throughout the summer season.
The above options are both cost effective as well as efficient. They will surely help in alleviating the heat in the attic and make it absolutely cool during the summer season.

There are a number of ways to to keep your attic cool during the summer months. Applying any of the methods above will save you a considerable amount of money on your air conditioning energy bill. Also, after making your adjustments to your attic you should have a professional, licensed AC company with good rating review your work. A good company can be found through many different types of services but we like lvlocal for the best information on Las Vegas air conditioning companies. Another good source would be the BBB under AC Companies.