How to repair tile roof


As there are numerous of causes why your tile roof might be having problems or even leaking and making a mess in your house, I unfortunately cannot write all of them here. But I will do my best to help you with repairing your tile roof with two most common problems we are facing; fixing a loose tile and fixing a roof tile crack.
I would say that tiles are one of the best options you have for protecting your home, but as any other material, they are also a subject to tear and breakage from falling object, weather or some kind of other movements.

If you are really willing to get about your problem yourself, I will do my best at making the whole process as easy as possible.

First I will give you tips on how successfully repair a crack and below that you will find steps, how to repair a loose tile.

If would not be the best idea to walk on the roof and accidentally make some more other damage, so I would advise you to get yourself a ladder. Even if you are dealing with a tile that is out of reach, you can use an extendable or foldable ladder that has rubber supports. Carefully fold it over the edge and ensure that it doesn’t harm other tiles. After you have set your position next to the problematic crack, get ready for some cleaning. The area you will repair has to be clean so the material will bond properly. You can either use a toothbrush or a wire to remove any fragments stuck in the crack. To do this part as best a possible you can even use mixture of water and dishwashing soap, but you should let it dry there for 24 hours before for the best effect.

Even though you can get cement, used especially for repairing roofs, I would advise you to use silicone caulk, which is one of the most durable caulks and is ideal for outdoor situation. Just apply it directly on the crack and push it down inside with a knife or your finger. Then you remove the excessive silicone on the surface with a rag soaked in acetone or mineral spirits.
To repair your loose tile is not much more difficult than it was repairing a crack. The tile, located above the loose one, pry it up with the flat end of the pry bar with the bend end facing down. Then place the bend end gently down on the roof to hold up the tile. Now repeat this with the tile that is directly to the left of the loose one with the second pry bar. Remove any broken or cracked parts of the tile. Raise the back of the loose tile, off the wooden batten and also remove any loose nails. Is the wood is in any way damaged, replace the hanger strip and nail the new one with using three even spaced roofing nails. Then you should properly place the tile under the loose one, by putting the top ridge on the wooden batten. Make sure its sited in firmly as you do the same with the tile on the left. Then slide out the pry bar from under the left tile and only then is when you slide the second bar out from under the tile above, to finish setting the before loose tile.

Whenever you are up on the roof, being your own handyman, be extra careful and have in mind that in the worst case, you can still call somebody to help you will the task if you discover is too challenging for you.